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Hand-made with locally-sourced, organic superfoods
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Peanut Butter Kush

Peanut butter stuffed cookie with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips sprinkled throughout.

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Frosty Nugs

Chocolate cookies encased in a sweet shell of natural cane sugar.

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Creature Treats

CBD infused dog treats. Organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and made with 99% natural help derived CBD. Available for purchase online!

How Superbaked started

Our Philosophy

At SuperBaked, we express our philosophy by baking the most incredible edibles that we can. And it’s our hope that the love, passion, and focus that we dedicate to making our superlative cookies will inspire you to do the same in whatever it is that you do. Take it one step further. Make it SUPER.

SuperBaked Phyllis

Awards & Acknowledgements

January 2016 Local Sesh Winner
Association of cannabis professional's cup champion
March 2016 Local Sesh Winner

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